Make More Money Online by Automatically Sending Your Free Affiliate Feed to Twitter and Facebook by internet business development expert SEO specialist, Local SEO specialist, sales-psychology expert, author and dual certified teacher J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. 
We all need to build a following in order to make more money online by working from home. A free affiliate RSS feed and web page is a none-time oriented way to make money online for the busy internet marketer and business person.  

As the developer of the free service to automatically generate Clickbank affiliate web pages and RSS feeds, I'm aware many starting internet marketers don't even know what an RSS feed is, let alone how to utilize a free affiliate RSS feed to help make more money online working from home. 
I Recently Became The Only Programmer to Add a Follow You on Twitter Feature on a Free Web Page with RSS Feed Link! 
The free optional feature tried to give me a rough time, but thanks to God, martial arts and ADHD I got the follow you on Twitter feature working. It's important to build a following to make it easier to make money online in the future. It's very similar to building an email list. All large companies, Sears, Best Buy etc. understand the benefits of maintaining regular contact with customers and prospective customers. 
But Rick, I Don't Like Twitter and I Don't Have a Twitter Account 
Did you know there's a simple way to send your automated tweets to Facebook? Facebook presently has 80% of the social media users. It doesn't mean your prospective buyers don't use other social media such as Twitter, but there's an excellent chance your future buyers have a Facebook account as well. 
Here's another reason to get a Twitter account. If someone asked if you wanted to advertise on one of the most popular social media sites in the world for free WITHOUT taking time away from your business, what would you or any other intelligent business person say? 
How I Can Help You and Your Time... 
Finally, I have a service to help you with your time and social media. I will setup a Twitter account for you, if you don't have one already. I'll setup automated posting to your Twitter and Facebook accounts from your automatic Clickbank affiliate RSS feed. 
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Pick a topic, if you have website pick a topic that's connected to your website. If not pick a topic you enjoy. 
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J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.